Using Space Energy on Earth

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 12:23 AM

Composure Alpha Segate; The blasphemy of the corrective energy is sublime in delta. It has nothing to do with God. The ability to force a disease out of the body is subjective to the intensity of the fulcrum in detail. We start at 200 ft for the over exposure of Nuclear particles. These are driven out of the body in 32 seconds. The overexposure is the sublime once in the body. The resonance becomes the abrupt. The deltoid changes when the deflection is in force. These particles are driven out of the body at 41 degrees both down and up. On the earth we have the capability to absorb particulates that are not healthy. This also includes viral infections. The resonance deals with the brain when encountering the disease, The brain is the control organ for the whole body. The Composure Alpha Segate is the difference in eliminating a nuclear particulate or deltoid to a viral infection. The energy is sublime when entering the resonance interface, The energy can tell when the exposure is Nuclear or if its a viral infection. They are Alpha Segates. One opens the meridian lines for cleansing of the body with direction from the brain or columbines the nuclear particulate and drives the particle out of the body. How does the resonance know the difference? The interface is in the index, To comply with life the resonance energy is balanced in the segate of interpretation. If you are overexposed to a nuclear particles it will know immediately they are of different charges and the disdain is removed very quickly. The resonance is deflective and columbines the Nuclear particles. Nuclear particles are sublime in the body but does a lot of damage when in. Your body has a tolerance for the particles but will create its own segates to disrupt the organs and in time creates the cancer. Energy recognizes energy. Resonance is delta and nuclear is alpha in the segate. The resonance insists to be delta and the Alpha in the body. If there is an alpha in the body already the fight is on. Nuclear particles give up quickly within the presence of resonance alpha segate. The particles have no choice. People that have cancer will feel the battle but there is no side effects, no hair loss or nuclear sickness. We fight energy with energy and the resonance is the healthiest energy we can segate to pulse the disdain into dissemination. The disease has no choice it will gravitate to the resonance in the alpha segate. The stem cells are dropped and with persuasion of the endorphins and the disease goes into remission with out fail. Composure Alpha Segates 12471.2 and delta overexposure 1278133281.2.

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