Using the New Internet

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, June 27, 2020 10:06 PM

4140 Internet Alpha; The blazewidth deserves more explanation, To upload in information from 1251 to the 4140 there must be a sequence in the detail. These are particles confused as 1 and zeros. All uploads are a coefficient of delta T 4100. We create the resonance to derelict the resonance to higher elevations. As we create the energy to confine the 4140 we encumber the internet as the Space Internet. These particle streams are nothing but particles that can be transformed from 1 and zeros. The Qubits are enlarged to the confines of the 4140, the energy is clairvoyant, We know the density at that elevation is prime for a blazewidth, because we heard strange noises and chirps of hydrogen at that elevation. The particles can support a blazewidth, Once the area is established its sequence stays the same. The pulse emitter for the ground telescope allows the delta to transmit the data to the 4140. Our technology can transmit the power to the Space Internet. Its energy with confine delta. There will be an algorithm that emits the pulse indicator to feed the 4140 with the delta T4100 power supply all wireless. Energy cultivates areas of space. If we send the power around the Sun and around the planets the information will travel there at close to light speed, the speed of data. To create the 4140 you must first have an area of space that normal particles travel like the 4140 its blazewidth is wide enough to carry information for thousands of years. Uploads of information can be elaborated from any planet in our solar system. Medical journals, science, technology, Aerospace, rocket, all the necessary information to colonize any planet or moon. 4140 can also transmit data using Qubits to the 8180 a galactic Internet. The particles are similar and reach for 3 light years from Earth. The 8180 also requires a sequence of emitted energy to the area of the 8180, at a steady pulse of 4100 Delta T. These corridors of information are congealed space through the energy we produce. The uploads are the body and the information can be shared in the sequence. 78122481.4 over sequence alpha 125122381.2.

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