EA Martinez MLD on Friday, September 6, 2019 8:51 PM

Venus on slot; The calliope would have to change for Venus to be breathable, its barrier width is too high, How do we lower the barrier width of a planet? The columbine needs the delta to be affluent. The barrier width for Venus is 12418122481.2. The calibration has merit, its columbine with 1200 Micro severs of alta reaction every 41 minutes. The chemical breakdown includes oxygen, in alpha states. They will columbine the C02 and add phosgene gas every 41 days with a convulsion integration alpha 31 minutes. This will columbine the noxious chemical in the atmosphere. The breakdown is consistent to what is happening naturally. The time aperture is 4100 years at this pace. This would be a long time to wait for an atmosphere we could actually breath. Micro severs become delta, The planet lacks the induction. It will convulse on its own every 5222381.2 micro severs. If we help the planet its generational convex is 1,200 years. This means we as people could Terraform the planet for 1200 years, in the making and breathable in72 years. Its not know what people can do in 1200 years but the planet could be amazing. The signal alpha is induction in micro severs in alpha states to the imbalance in fortitude. The chemical complex algorithm is achievable. It would require several trips to Venus and drop equipment that can survey the planet. The equipment would have to be self sustain and would start anatomically. The timing is critical in the fortitude in sequence delta. All signals are not all alpha. The base pressure of Venus is over 1200 psi. To break that down in gravity inflection the chemicals will balance the disdain that is already there. The problem is the graviton can not get in right now. Its Para flex at 2200 ft. from the surface. The class 5 Star Craft can deliver the equipment to 2200 drop and return to Earth in Mission alpha reduce signal alpha Venus. The parabolic dimension is no closer than 2200 ft. Craft can deflect most of the atmosphere. The planet does need help in the convulsion aspect, but in 4400 years on its own. 4122381.2 alpha signal demetri convex.

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