Warming Up

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, November 21, 2019 6:52 PM

Heating in space; There are no electric heaters in space, the condition can be cold, The heating system starts with a heating chamber. The air in the craft is used for the columbine in delta. The collective nature of the in-vitro is constantly being used ,but gathered in vacuum. The air on board is used for heating or you can warm up near the Sun. The two choices are apparent when traveling. For long distances the heating in the craft has in-value, its the carbon dioxide and air molecules being heated. The craft is making the air to breath but also using the same air to heat. The heating chamber is a cylinder in the underbelly of the craft. It is built into the hull, there is a supply in and out. The incoming air is heated with discharge Astro climax delta from the radial arm chair, the Radial Arm Chair, has hydrogen in another part of the craft behind the Lear in cylinder. The way is works hydrogen is allowed in to the air chamber, the small amounts at 2 /10ths are the convection aspirator. The convection aspirator heats the hydrogen from the chamber inlet. The heating process is redundant in facility. When the molecules touch each other a reaction is redundant and the air begins to heat. In the Air Chamber the centrifuge creates a delta in the tank, this mixes the contents and a consistent temperature is radial. Hydrogen in nature is a heating dissolvent. We use it in the same way as nature to columbine and decrease the value of static temperature to the value of heat. As the molecules are moving around they heat up, when they do we allow them into the cold tank, The convection starts with cold first to a variance of heat molecule in delta. Temperature can vary in space, so its important to keep the delta moving and cold to warm to hot is the circumference in detail. The top out temperature in the craft is 81 degrees. It will never rise more than that. If you want it warmer you must find the Sun and cultivate the temperature yourself. The columbine can be heated this way to start if you choose, but the technology is redundant alpha conclusion at 81 degrees. If you choose to use the Sun to warm the chamber, its a lot faster, but you still must not be any closer than 91.8 over million miles to the Sun. Once the Air securum is moving the chemical reaction will continue to work even in deep space. Hydrogen filters are required along with softener attributes. The shifters are scuttle on the discharge and can be directed. The warmer air is released into the cabin and the process starts all over again. The vacuum is columbine at 2/10ths on each side of the craft and detailed to air chamber scrubbers. 410022781381.4

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