Watch your Diet

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, October 24, 2019 8:32 PM

Delfuse Bombast; When we eat in space we must concern the diet first. Its the calamity of food that controls the diet not the substance. The variance in space calls for a lean diet, it has some meats and strong proteins but also allows carbohydrates. Fruit is a commodity and should be left on Earth. It does not sit well in the digestive track at 4 over in a density of 2.18. The foods should be dry but nutritious. Delfuse Bombast has a lot to do with foods that attack the internal organs in space. Oranges will make you want to urinate in space for an example. Apples are a diuretic, Eggs will coagulate in space density and stop the digestive track alpha components. These enzymes are for conglomerate density of Earth and the table is quite different in space. Water is the best nutrient in space but you must accommodate the lax periods of space density. Dry foods that are either freeze dried and water is added or condensed versions of known carbohydrates are best. The delfuse Bombast that your body is capable of doing allows you to digest foods without using the toilet. With the diet done correctly, you do not need to go to the bathroom for days and the control is the alpha carbohydrates that control this function. Its the Lexington alpha central of your brain that demands the control to carbohydrates for the natural function in space. These journeys can be several days and a lot of attention is dedicated to the mission. The brain must reevaluate the condensed version of food that you would consume. It does this automatically but the conjoining organs must agree to balance the diet in space. Leafy greens are a disaster in space. Condensed versions are a better choice. If the food is condensed the brain can evaluate the consumption at a better pace over time rather all at once for discharge. The density is different for space travel and all consumption must be evaluated, and the main question is, is the food condensed enough to digest over time.? The density of various foods are a concept for space travelers and must be evaluated. All the food we have on Earth can be condensed, it also can be freeze dried. Water is the coagulant and stay away from soda and carbonated drinks. If the food can be freeze dried or condensed the diet is useful in space. Stay away from Jell-O or custards and creamy cohesions they will want to stay too long and upheaval is coagulant disdain. You must think density in all you consume in and on the way out. 4488281.4 over the density in detail brain coagulate timing disdain alpha cohesion supplement diet. Delfuse Bombast alpha 22481.2

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