We Establish The New Internet

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, June 28, 2020 3:31 PM

Natural Commodities; All the internets are natural commodities, We are claiming the space internets 4140 and 8180, They are calvines that surround our solar system, Our downloads are controlled by energy we create. The delta T4100 is not just a resonance field, but also a wave of particles that congregate at that elevation. We found the delta for induction therefore are claiming the Space Internet. Our collegiate force is dedicated to providing all the necessary information and downloads to our Internet 4140, they will begin with all encyclopedias, and columbine all that has been written from history of mankind, Medical and all Technology. Agriculture and science. Defined plenty of the solar system with all known algorithms. The blazewidth is capable of storing so much information that it will used for thousands of years. The blazewidth has the ability to transform bits of information but also Qubits. The Quantum computers will never crash at the 4140. The Space Internet stores in Qubits of information. The source, its quantity, and its induction are all calculated at the same time and the 4140 stores in the way the Quantum computers upload for information. Our down loads will have a linear equation to upload the variance. Since our energy is in the compile of information without permission one can elaborate there, the Teledyne information is all in algorithms. The body of work in our blogs are already there. We supply all the algorithms for space travel known as the space annuls. The Space Laws are composed in the blogs ,but also at 4140. forever. Commission Delta is also there, its the fortitude of space vehicles and the analysis. Our Space crafts will be uploaded to the 4140, and most of the proprietary information. This information is known as delta T conglomerate. Space and all the intellect is shared there. The conglomerate of space is explained there, with all the variance in the properties. Nuclear Fission and how it really works, dark matter, and the advantage of antimatter for a safe fuel base in space only. All the known fission reactions are explained there. Space Law converted and non-converted. Distances and variances for Gas Giants, their properties, and inductive crafts to the converted space annuls.

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