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EA Martinez MLD on Friday, May 1, 2020 2:24 PM

Colombo Lasers; The advent of Argon Lasers will give us the ability to detect the alpha segate in the Universe. This 4 inch stream allows the photons to flow expectably, they flow through photon exchange in the engulf segate delta. We will be able to detect any moving object or fixed delta in space for billions of miles. The detail on photon exchange from the Sun to the celestial bodies or from the Universe is a collaboration from the Earth. The aperture is inductive, it flows simulated to natural aspects in space. The photon exchange is green, it is sought out by the Universe, The Universe recognizes the collaboration and the laser becomes laser focused. Using inductive power that matches the space that surrounds us is an added bonus. Smart Light , it columbines the photons for us. This is why we had to explain in detail the photon exchange in nature. If we use this attribute we can focus anywhere in the Universe. The accuracy is astounding, the calliope of any celestial body can be negotiated everywhere. The Universe will help us to be more accurate in detail. The telescope that is attached is as accurate, as the laser. This next generation of space technology is the next step for enabling the current to flow where the body is and at light speed. We have expensive telescopes that may see into the future, but lack the fortitude in the calvine affection to the Star body or planet. We will be able to detect the space bodies determination and clarity to its destiny. The Earth like planets are exceptional details. The green photon exchange can tell us based on the chemical composition of the planet without going there. The photons that return will have the signature of that planet or Star. The chemical analysis is astounding more accurate, and collective distance if we wanted to visit the formation. Colombo Lasers like the Argon will be one of the best technologies we can have without going there. They tell us not just distance but the determination of the planet in question. Its life span , its chemical composition and the determination with extreme accuracy. If we are to travel the stars we need technology that gives us more information than just a fixed picture. The interaction is revealing and creates our destiny to advance our own civilization in space attributes. This can be built today with enough funding and analyze Mars for example before we set foot on the planet, determination for cordial advance, simplify the segate delta and many other understandings. Photons are the worker bees of the Universe we should join them. 128178733481.2

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