We Need the Earth for Lift off

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, March 16, 2020 9:08 PM

Contrary; The ship has the fulcrum from the Earth the driver assembly is drilled down into the Earth 1,381 ft. its a four inch pipe filled with concrete and wired to the inductive side of the Linear Accelerator on the Earth. This confluence is hyper charging the induction field of the Earth and with 1,481 units on Earth this technology will close the ozone. Induction is the Earths favorite energy. The confluence must be in cooperation with the Earth to lift the Class 7 or anything larger. The stretch is 182 ft. and at its widest 51.218. The Class 7 is a large ship and the capacity exceeds the 12,800 maximum weight limit of the Class 5. The resonance from the Class 5 is enough to lift without the Earth but the lesson in the algorithm is that anything over 12,800 lbs, will not lift off the Earth without the Earth. This confluence is statutory for any planet. The Mag lines on any planet are the defense of the planet when we are inducting the Class 7 the Mag lines of the Earths Magnetosphere must be enhanced with power, this strengthens the magnetosphere field lines and can create a closing of the ozone of our planets atmosphere, The field lines represent the alpha signal to the conglomerate, The higher the induction from the planet the easier it is to lift off. It also responds better with close approximation to asteroids and outer space objects in that the Earth has its own determination and its protected by the conglomerate and its communication with the conglomerate is assured. The field lines communicate to space in all directions and near Earth objects can be deflected by the Earth. The magnetosphere also protects the life on the planet from harmful waves from the Sun, the LIM is 4488281.2. Life Immersed Magneto. The signal to the conglomerate is alpha detach 44781381.2. The culvert in the analysis is we have a weak magnetosphere and it needs help. These field lines have been going since the beginning of the planet and Man has weakened them to the point we have very large holes the magnetosphere, the largest over Europe and cascading to the U.S. The technology helps our planet and induction will cure our planet. The converse will also create growth enraptures with crops and wildlife. 7814488281.2

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