Where did Time come From?

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, February 9, 2020 1:10 PM

Cognitive Time; Traveling in space for long journeys are a creation in life super natural. They bring about change to the people and collectively uphold the dignity of space travel. All journeys are recorded for space annuls and collectively allow for cognitive time to elapse. If you decide not to collect time in register then its up to you to deal with the aging process. Time is forever, it deserves to be counted, you are aging due to time, not metabolic reaction. If you allow Time to be counted you are cognitive to Time. How did we become aware of Time? During the evolution period in time dilation we were out in the wilderness. The elements were starving and cold, Man created Time when he found fire, He wanted to know how long would this ember last and how to continue fire in time. Soon he realized that fire is warmth and that cooking the food was a better digestion. The time was critical in making fire and continues to count Time. Cognitive Time for space travel is biological in the sense you are aging in an involvement that is not of the Earth. The striking difference in the indifference is Time is still being collected for your self and not for community disdain. Leaving the Earth and returning later in Time has some interesting aspects, people will disdain the voyage or commend you in the collection of time variance in your appearance and the length of time that has passed on Earth. You have only aged a fraction of Earth Time but bodily significant. Time dilation periods are met and that can change if the neural submission is cognitive to Time Dilation periods. When traveling in space you are traveling in Time. Time dilations can match your Time dilation period, This is common for planets to have a spin aperture involvement with space conglomerate at different times of the Universe but always coincide with the delta in sequence for Time. Time dilations are within the variance and up to 20 seconds in diphtheria advance of cognitive time. When you are aging faster than the people of Earth you will feel the convulsion of Time dilation and learn to be cognitive of it. If you are aging slower than the people of Earth they will feel the disdain in that they have aged and you have not. The collection of Time becomes the advance of People of Earth for space travelers. The fountain of Youth is in space not on the Earth.

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