Where does Anti-Matter Exist?

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, November 16, 2019 3:31 PM

Time Dilation Over; The expanse of the Universe is subject to the expanse of Anti-Matter. Its detail is the conglomerate its self. Space is Anti-Matter, The expansion tells the story no one can figure out. Space has two conglomerates, the first is the nitrogen in alpha state, the second is Anti-Matter. Its part of the conglomerate that builds Universes. The multiverse has collaboration to this Universe, its Anti-Matter that is in common. We live in a 2 conglomerate system and the disparity also lives in both Universes. Anti-Matter is not indigenous to this Universe. It arrived here after the explosions of the nitro's sphere. It started to expand the Universe at 13.8 billion years ago. This second conglomerate is in detail with our Universe as we speak. Galaxies are moving away from each other due to Anti-Matter. In its solid state it moves very slowly. It heats up slowly, its a conglomerate that has value here. It starts the Stars vortex in alpha congeal of the conglomerate. It gathers the nitrogen in alpha state and converts it to energy. The process is part of the conglomerates motivation. The conglomerates are constantly moving . Anti-Matter is the second conglomerate in that it can expand the Universe. There is nothing else that can. Its cavitations process is like a ball rolling down the hill, It starts out slow and picks up momentum, The Anti -Matter is the fuse and the hydrogen is the fire ball. Kick start a Star with Anti-Matter. Its expansion capabilities are amazing, it allows the star to grow to unbelievable sizes. Its the hydrogen in conclusion of the conglomerate number one, that is mostly Nitrogen, that complexes the delta to abrupt. The wheel of the Universe is a 2 part system and 2 conglomerates exist simultaneously. Alpha 2 over the conglomerate in alpha state 2 in dimension in alpha state 2244781 3 over. Its a mix. Conglomerates are the alter ego of each other. The system rolls out these stars like a factory in England. Stars are alpha state at all times, therefore the conglomerates are what changes. 22381.4 detail AntiMatter@2 over.

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