Whos in control?

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 8:44 PM

Space stifle; When traveling in space the space can stifle, it will allow you travel in any craft, but the space will stifle it liberates the craft to delay, it allows the craft to speed up, it allows the craft to tumble, And it can allow you to drop. Space will encumber your vary existence. The craft must be substantial in the deflection of compounds you will encounter. It has to have liberty. Man made compounds to date are not going to allow people to travel and survive without the liberty hull. Copper, Titanium, fiberglass , or composite hulls will fail in space. You need 80,000 pounds of tensile strength to survive in space for any distance. If space stifles the hull will rip apart. Copper has resistance but lacks the fortitude to elevate in space. It wants to pull the copper craft down. This metal is not a good choice. Titanium will go to ground in inversion fields. All the occupants will fry in the interior. The metal may only catapult in space. This material is unstable. Fiberglass, to accommodate a crew the hull would have to be 24 inches thick. The cosmic radiation will strip the hull in a few days. High strength composites show promise, but lack the induction to move out in displacement situations. The hull thickness would start at 12 inches but soon will deteriorate in less than a week with cosmic radiation. The moon is not even possible. If the craft moves in space the hull will breakdown in lax movement dysteria. The hull must be rigid. Or have a density of 4.18 or better. Space is 2 and that density can be examined in a vacuum chamber at 1520 Torr. If the material does not last in the vacuum chamber it will fail in space. The space will stifle with glass. It starts at 8 ft. thick. Movement would be possible with nuclear reaction, however would radiate the crew in 70 minutes. Radiation will permeate the craft design, it is the biggest obstacle in space. A radiated surface in space will concourse, but the human will not last. Radiation will stream through your body and can kill you in minutes. There is no protection for radiation except Induction. You must fight energy with energy. The radiated craft will bounce. The surface tension of radiation surface is congruent alpha 124181.4. The bounce or catapult is all that can be done. The gravity inflection will bounce and in space catapult. To keep the space from stifle the Hull must be aluminum and cobalt mix. 5 to 1 ratio compounded to 4.818 over. The density of steel is 4.8 The craft must disdain steel. Density is a form of steel. Destiel is the goal of space travelers. To move through it the concept of moving through steel will protect the human occupants and culvert the desteal. The density has life in a desteal form. The carbon atoms of space can turn to steel and with time can create we see in asteroids and comets. It takes millions of years ,but the truth is that is where we see the steel created from space. Our crafts must exceed 4.8 of steel. moving in space. 128144781.2 desteal indentured. Space Law 4418122381.2.

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