XCL Connection

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, March 21, 2020 11:13 PM

The XCL ; The XCL has the power to produce a resonance field. This field is the byproduct of the Innovation, It programs the delta to move in a way that the human body is programmed to move. This is an Earth aperture designed for the Earth and the people. Its quality in the resonance is at 2 over but can be at 4 over for certain Cancers. If you are standing in and near the resonance field the body reacts to the field in perspective to the human body. This index quality is beneficial for many diseases, it also shows that the human body is derelict in space and can be sent to a rhythm of the heart that is understood as your biological clock, this self preservation will keep you alive in outer space. The XCL will calm your heart to a point of rhythm distortion, once in the biological state, the heart will clarify to the brain that this energy is the same energy you evolved from. The signals match exactly, and therefore allow you to return to a biological start before you went into space. The coordination is cellular infraction, When all the cells are spinning in the same direction the brain can process the energy to a healthy fit conclusion. If there is any disease present the biological indifference can correct the dismay in seconds of exposure to hours and in some cases for years in treatments designed by your physician. . The preliminary tests show that the brain has the capacity to induct certain organs to comply with the brain and its deluge, The problem is if you are not returning from space it will correct the indifference anyway. This implies that certain diseases can be cured with a resonance field and no medications are required. The subject of radiation treatments work in 10 percent of the population and that is a grand feat, however the Resonance fielding will work with the other 90 percent of the population. The outcome are super natural index variances. We have been dependent on medications for centuries, however molecular science has shown that a resonance field can work in the same way as medications but with better results and far less side affects. The establishment may not be ready for this kind of innovation but the World is, and as new diseases arise we need a barrier width in our arsenal when it comes to induction and a way to control it. Indexing is statutory when in treatment this distance is the variance in the power needed to correct the dismay. The diseases that need delta to prolong life are Cancer, Malaria, ALS, Muscular Dystrophy, Diabetes, Spinal infractions, Lupus, and all autoimmune diseases, including Corona infections. The resonance field will not allow these diseases to flourish under index. 78122381.4 Alpha signal analysis and covert detail to subjective delta in dismay. 2100.

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