Yellow spectrum

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, September 13, 2020 6:52 PM

Yellow Possum; When the chemical in chamber is delta to the inversion field we call that Yellow Possum. The spectrum of yellow light is the synapse conclusion, its delta is confine in the chamber until its released. The dysteria is called dysteria because the spectrum can change to yellow possum. The relief node in space is a signal to the conglomerate that our dysteria is ready to be examined. The conglomerate is moving your craft faster than its known outlay in the induction parameter. Any dysteria can be yellow possum. The yellow light is comfort to the conglomerate, it wants to envelope the craft and move its delta to its determination. The main reason Suns are yellow is to receive the attention of the conglomerate for delta to tits final determination in space. Suns move to their final resting place, they are not necessarily created at there final resting place. They have the ability to delta via the conglomerate. The Suns ability to move is to recognize the yellow spectrum and receive the help of the Universe in its final determination. Yellow Possum in the class five also a determination for the conglomerate to move the craft at higher speeds to the converse of Man. Our craft will be treated like a sun that's on the move to its determination variance. The speeds that can be reached are phenomenal, the craft can create a tail in the yellow spectrum with Phosphorus, This known as a Cycline Delta. Yellow Possum will work on all inductive crafts. The color spectrum is not there for us as people, its there for the conglomerate. Space intellect says we can move faster in Yellow Possum spectrum to the conglomerate. Alpha gentry collapse delta in signal delta cycline 481227788481.2 the algorithm is for the spectrum in yellow, the dysteria is an alpha signal and is recognized immediately. The conglomerate will be very interested in your craft with a spectrum in delta. These spectrums can lead to high valance in speeds. Lets forget about moving at light speeds and concentrate on speeds that the conglomerate can move us. We are not in control of our speed in space the conglomerates however are convulsed in light spectrum and sound

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