You become the conglomerate

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 1:43 PM

Electron base simple; The battery on board of an inductive craft is unique, its delivery of electrons are under vacuum. We know electrons have a spin aperture involvement. The electron base is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 trillion electrons at a charged base. The lithium oxide battery is under vacuum at 2.184 over. This vacuum pressure is to deliver the electron base to the Linear Accelerator. The stator lead made of copper cobalt rod that intersects the battery and on to the casing allows the electron flood to the reactor, The flooding of electrons creates the hyper ignition in the vacuum system. They begin to columbine the delta from the Linear Accelerator vescue and on to the magnetron in a 7 stack configuration. The discharge has timing to the magnetron the discharge is held by the hydrolytic reactor for 2 minutes, and clamored in sequence to the 7 stack, each sumarin cobalt magnet is apposing each other. This creates high resistance to the space around the craft or atmosphere. When the fuel is added to the reactor there is no combustion only high friction, the vacuum controls the delta in the system. The electron base is constantly moving. When the electron base has reached its circuit around the accelerator and delivery to the induction plates in the rear of the craft, we can now lift or accelerate. The fuel base has accepted the electron base. The dysteria of Methane Hydrate in confine delta conditions the delta to move extremely fast through the system. The compounding begins until the fuel base and electron base have been disseminated to the empirical 8100 in resilience. Its this energy that is released to the exterior of the craft to create the inversion field. The energy is not only traveling around in the confines of the ship, but on the outside to create the dysteria advance signaling to the conglomerate. The induction is with space not the ship. Adding dysteria to the inversion field will react the craft in maneuvers not thought possible. Electron base simple delta confine exuberant. 12814181.2. Electrons have value in space conglomerate, and it reacts to the inversion field in hyper speeds to your co ordinance. The conglomerate does not care where you go just share your electron base and the conglomerate will convey its delta to you. 4488281.2

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