Zeon Technology

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, August 24, 2019 12:40 AM

Excalibur Detention Zeon; This is a copper cobalt slug, this piece of metal allows for the signal alpha to transpond to the induction plates. Its 18.18 inches in diameter and set into the hull and flushed. The copper cobalt rod that attaches to it is coming from the casing. Its four inches thick. The weld is formidable. The rod travels through the lean tube on the inside of the craft. The casing is under vacuum at 2.18. The Rod has alpha at 2.1822. The climax delta is set. These molecules are released into space, the casing cannot hold any more. The fuel molecule is disparate to engage with the electrons again. The Excalibur Detention Zeon has the signal in alpha sequence. The induction plates are Zeon and waiting. The signal is transfer and the molecules clump together and end up at the induction plates. There is no wire. this is 5 g on steroids. its short distance and the bridge is built into a molecular avenue. The Excalibur Detention always works. there are no moving parts, except the molecular structure. The jump in the induction sequence starts at the detention center. The signal is alpha sequence Teledyne 4100. Its also the broadcast center for the Teledyne system. The onboard computer is nothing but numbers, its not your typical keyboard its only numbers. there is live communication in space beyond the orbital margin. The delix is 4100 miles from the orbital. This keyboard creates a squelch. and each number is a different signal and sound. The computer keeps track of the communication of the Teledyne system at intervals to the convex alpha signal detention center. 128144781.2 the craft is leaving the orbital margin. This information is transcribed at Mission Control. The computer receives the signal in sound variance and creates the sentence. The molecular structure keeps moving through regardless of the human cannibalism going on with the detention center. This signal is the variance signal to the craft in secursion alpha anywhere in the Universe. Its our WOW SIGNAL. We have not developed satellites that can transmit to Earth yet and in real time, communication is in its infancy. The only way to communicate is to develop a signal in Algorithm. Both the Lear and Mission Control is aware of the conditions of the mission. The sounds created are all made possible through the Excalibur Detention Zeon Center. The use of this center in molecular deluge is perfect in alpha signals to the Earth. They are in real time and delays are quad in-effect. Bounce Alphas are 21341.2.For every million miles there is a delay. 4100 must be adjusted in sequence to determine the distance of the craft based in Teledyne in fracture.

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