Zorcon Delta

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, December 12, 2019 11:12 PM

Zorcon Delta; This algorithm has poise like no other, Its the delta of the admonished. When things are radiant in space they collide in virtue. They are done and admonished, They have a delta that is sad in that it will not be recreated, Its calliope is general relativity. Its the disdain that space puts on you. Its also the disdain you put on space. Light is always forgiven. The speed of light is a circumference to your Galaxy. Light speed is collected into your galaxy. Its value is its light. The circumference is the same as your galaxy. Light speed has nothing to do with light in the general relativity but clashes in the physics in the circumference of our galaxy. The Zorcon delta is the light speed with dignity. It hales to compare its validly until you see it. Light speed is delta with admonishment. Light has no value until its recognized. Does a shooting star shoot if your not observing it. Light speed is conditional, its value is you. The photon has exercise it becomes something else. The curriculum states that the photon in exercise is deliberate and will after a period of time become an atom, this atom is the collaboration of your galaxy. Carbon atom is the result of the photon moving at light speed. The Zorcon delta is what is admonished back into the Universe, its changed its circumference to meet the circumference of your galaxy. Light does not go on forever, its metabolic change is the basis of the chronology of photon exchange. Photon to carbon. Delta delivery and carbon secreted to all known relativity. This has profound indignation to all that travel at light speed. Since you were created as a carbon identity, the light speed in conditional relevance is in question. The light speed you created if it were possible, would have turn to you into light. Light speed is not possible in the Universe only outside the Universe is it possible. Carbon can not detoxify. Therefore you cannot travel at the speed of light. The carbon in your body would try to detoxify and the colombo around the craft would rupture into a fire ball. Carbon has kinesis, and the value is abrupt. You were made from carbon that was transformed from a photon that is moving at the speed of light. The admonished would include you as light when its suppose to create a carbon atom the Gentry changed to light and Now you are a God. 41002278133481.2 your life is over but now you exist in a parallel Universe.

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